Posted by: Blog Admin | November 15, 2010

Paramedic Kannon Recognized For Years Of Service

Today, at their regularly scheduled meeting, the Wake County Board of Commissioners recognized Paramedic Frank Kannon for his 27 years of service.  The following remarks were made by County Manager David Cooke:

“Way back in 1984, Georgetown beats Houston for the NCAA Championship, the L.A. Raiders win the super bowl, Fuzzy Zoeller wins the US Open, Richard Petty wins his 200th and final stock car race, and 3rd draft pick Michael Jordan scores 16 points in his first Bulls game.

While Reagan is in the White House,  Apple’s Macintosh is introduced, the US Bell telephone system is broken up, John DeLorean is acquitted,  Miami Vice premiers, Thriller is released, and Trebek begins hosting Jeopardy!

And on January 12th of that year, EMS Director Gerald Brown hired Frank Kannon off his temp employee roster to serve as a full-time paramedic. With the support of his wonderful wife Ginger and 3 great children, who are themselves fine young adults now; Frank has served Wake County day in and day out.

Whether it’s putting extra time into outfitting an old disaster response truck, or building supply cabinets, staffing ambulances, or taking the time to ask the right questions and ensure classmates understand all aspects of monthly training, Frank has served tirelessly.

And in a dynamic, fast-paced career, where year-old information may be outdated, Frank has used his experience and gumption to stay current and proficient as a paramedic over the years.   From the 1984 paramedic treatment protocols, which could nearly be jotted down on a few index cards, to the current 200 page protocol set teeming with complex, advanced emergency treatment procedures, Frank has remained an outstanding example for all paramedics.

Wake County enjoys a reputation as a national EMS leader, and Frank is right there on the front edge. But let it be clearly noted that those successes are built on the rock-solid foundation of strong paramedics like Frank who began building this program decades ago.

But he’s not just a great technician. If you call 9-1-1 and Frank Kannon shows up, you have a highly skilled and capable paramedic at your fingertips. But equally important, you have the most genuine, caring, compassionate advocate who has undoubtedly dedicated his entire being to you at that time. From the living room of a mansion to a cold, dark, rainy alley, his mission to serve his fellow man is the same, no matter what it takes. He has proven that literally tens of thousands of times.

Back in 1984 all the NBA teams might not have seen the full potential in Michael Jordan as a 1st pick. But Director Brown must have really seen something good in Frank.”

Frank will retire from Wake County on December 1, 2010. The people of Wake County have benefitted from that insightful choice for 26 years.


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