Posted by: Blog Admin | September 20, 2010

APP Curie Recognized By Board of Commissioners

During their regularly scheduled board meeting today, Monday September 20, 2010, Wake County Commissioners recognized Advanced Practice Paramedic Ben Curie for exemplifying the motto of Wake County EMS, “Providing prompt, compassionate, clinically excellent patient care whenever and wherever needed”, with the Caring, Serving, Respecting Customer Award.

On April 22, 2010, while on his way to work, Ben heard an ambulance get dispatched for a nine month old infant in cardiac arrest.  After realizing he was in the immediate vicinity of the call, he responded and started performing CPR.  He then rode in the ambulance, assisting the crew in providing care en-route to the hospital.

Ben could have ignored the call that day.  He knew that the appropriate resources had been dispatched and that there were people on the way with all of the equipment and supplies that he did not have at that moment.  But, he understood that every moment counts and providing excellent care applies, not only when you are on the clock, but at all times.


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