Posted by: Blog Admin | June 1, 2010

FTO Randall Retires

Jay Randall began his Wake EMS employment as a part time worker in September of 1980 becoming a full time employee in June 1981.  Jay worked out of the downtown station in the first three years of his employment in the then basic life support EMT agency. In 1984, Jay was selected to attend the first class of paramedics. At the conclusion of class, filled with lectures, clinical and examinations as Jay would say, “I could not spell paramedic and now I are one. “

 Jay has had many promotions and honors during his career, promoted to a Field Training Officer in 1992; he was designated by his co-workers – B Shift Paramedic of the Year in 1995, an honor he treasures. As well as a recipient of the County’s Caring and Sharing award. In Jay’s own words, “I have had the pleasure of training several new employees over the last 18 years, most of whom were from up North (New York City)…Needless to say there was a language barrier that I had to overcome but it worked out good for everyone”.

Jay has a novel sense of humor; He says one of his more memorable calls was on a CAT bus downtown a few years back. Mom was on the way to the hospital when her water broke and we stepped in and she had a healthy girl. I tried to get her to name the baby after me “JAYlene”, but I think she went with “CATrina” instead.

Along with his partners and other responders, Jay has saved patients from cardiac arrest, rescued victims of car accidents and provided excellent care with respect and dignity to all the patients and families he has encountered. Born in Fuquay and raised on the Family farm, Jay knows hard work and commitment.

He is thankful to the citizens of Wake County for allowing him the opportunity to work these past 30 years. For Jay, his wife Teresa, and their family, Wake County is a really great place to live, work, play and hopefully RETIRE.

On May 17, 2010 at the Wake County Board of Commissioners meeting, Field Training Officer Jay Randall was recognize by the County Manager, David Cooke, for his 30 years of service to Wake County.


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